2 comments on “General house keeping and info.  please read. 

  1. I assume you are using the WordPress app on your smartphone. If so, keep reading. Last year I had the latest version of the app on my iPhone and had some difficulties using it on the trail. So before embarking I would suggest you do the following and test it out…

    [A] Photos not uploading: (1) turn on airplane mode, (2) Start the app up, write some text, and add one or more photos, (3) turn off airplane mode and (4) publish the post and its photo(s). However, I found that with (1) airplane mode on I could (2a) start up the app and (2b) write some text, but I could NOT (2c) add a photo to the post, because the app needed an active cellular/internet connection to upload the photo immediately then so that it could insert a link to it in the current post. My dumb solution/workaround was to add the photo number as text string into the post wherever I wanted a photo. Then later when I got a cell signal I would (3) turn off airplane mode, (2a) start the app, (2b) reopen the post containing the text strings, (2c) delete each text string and upload the photos with that number which in turn would insert the correct links, then (4) publish it.

    [B] Time date is publish date, not creation date: Since I would be days without a cell signal I would have many posts queued up that I needed to upload. However, when I published them they would be dated with the “publish” date and not the “creation” date, which could be over a week off. And unless I was careful to publish them in the order that I wrote them, I could publish them out of order which confused my readers. I learned that when I wrote each post to set the date from “immediate” to a specific date which I set to be the current (creation) date and time minus 5 minutes. Then when I published them their dates were all correct and not off by days or weeks from when I had written them.


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