12 comments on “10%

  1. The trail is tough… But it makes you come to grips with things, and (for me) blatantly realize that you’re in control of your life. That feeling of empowerment is wonderfully invigorating (along with 5000 feet ascents and descents in 95 degree heat, of course.)

    Let’s get a beer when I’m back and catch up.


  2. from what i just read you have gained many good things from this experience, i feel this experience will be of great value in your life , many of things you mentioned i gained in different ways in my life over time, you have done it in a very short time,. wonderful. I to have enjoyed, reading your writing.


  3. Hey Entourage! Good for you! You accomplished what you set out to do! Congratulations!
    Every day I’m on the trail I tell myself it’s not the destination–it’s the journey, every step on the trail keeps me in the present moment, something I cannot do in the “default world”.
    You are in my thoughts as I hike, so you see you have not left the trail entirely… 🙂
    I’m honored to have met and trudged the trail with you for the short time that we did.
    Bob’s Old Timer friend? Col.Tom Parker, we met him briefly in Warner Springs. Yes, he looked like an old hand at the trail.
    Be well and keep in touch.


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  4. Thank for this post. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to write this post. Good luck in any of your future adventures.


  5. Way to go James! You did a great job and it sounds like you found something you were looking for or maybe didn’t even know you were looking for. 266 miles is nothing to slouch at and is pretty mind blowing – well done! Hope you’re getting some rest!


  6. James you are an incredible guy and we’re so happy that we have you in our family and friends. Your journey of self-discovery and self improvement, (not that you need to be improved at all) is a beautiful thing and one that everybody needs to do and look within themselves. We can’t wait to see you and we hope it’s soon. We love you buddy.

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