2 comments on “14 days…

  1. Buen camino, amigo! Magee and I are currently near Echo Summit, staying at the extremely comfortable house of some friends for a week while the unstable weather passes through. We skipped up from Lone Pine due to weather and crowds, and we plan to start north again at Donner Summit–staying ahead of the herd. Then we’ll go back to the Sierras when the herd has passed and the lakes are warm and swimmable. Magee wanted to get off the trail last week, but I convinced her to hang on a bit longer. I’m hoping the weather turns warm again and that we have the trail almost to ourselves again for a while. It was really starting to feel crowded. Have a great pilgrimage in the Pyrenees! I look forward to reading about it. –Magoo


    • Hey Magoo! Good to hear from you! The weather has been rather crazy the last couple weeks. Glad you found a comfortable respite to let the weather pass. I feared it was going to be a crowded year, hence my departure in March.

      Thanks for the well wishes. I’m looking forward to my trip. It should be an interesting experience! I feel like I’m walking into the dark compared to the PCT.

      I wish you two well in the coming hiking. I’m sure good weather will return and spirits will improve. Tell Magee hello.



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