One comment on “Rested, Rain and Religion

  1. First of all, thank you for the pictures…I’m in heaven! I knew you said there probably weren’t going to be many because they are a pain to upload so your previous posts made my heart smile! I can only dream of walking where you are but I’m not ruling it out just yet.
    I have enjoyed reading each and every blog but I’d have to say that this was my favorite. I’m sure most of your readers are friends and family so being vulnerable and open in such a raw way would seem perhaps typical for those that know you but reading from an acquaintance perspective it is incredibly heartfelt. You truly make the readers see what you see (not just pictures but the printed word in my minds eye), feel your aches and pains and let us see a part of your soul.

    Thanks for taking me along on your adventure and your journey…two very different things.
    You are blessed James ! See you when you get back
    Sue Thiel
    (Your dental office is following you!)


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