3 comments on “How to get ditched in Spain

  1. I was advised not to travel with friends. I did not heed. I wish I did. Now I have seen things I cannot un-see, and felt things I cannot un-feel. The camino stresses friendship, and that friends aren’t necessarily on the same page. You can aim to get to Santiago but the how and with whom may not be with you. For such a linear path, this would seem to be easy. But it’s not. It’s nothing you did or said. And I’m glad you still had a great camino experience. …. And I understand your experience.


  2. Hi James..one of the first pieces of advice I was given was that I would have a more fulfilling experience if I travel alone. Like Jennifer above, I started out in St Jean with a friend and we parted ways after two days. I’m not sure how my Camino would have went down if we were to stick together.

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