2 comments on “Choose Your Own Blog Post

  1. i enjoyed your subject, i can’t remember how old you are now but i know you have learned something that many people don’t realize until they a really old and reflect on their life. i also learned some of what you said before i became that old person which i am now lol. i found also that when i set long term goals i eventually got them. as you mentioned not always fast but i did obtain what i was shooting for.
    question — are you now looking for a career and in what are you interested, Have a great day and i will have more topics and questions, need to think about what etc, take care


  2. Well since you asked… In regards to what direction your writing should take we would turn the question back to you and ask “what are you the most passionate about when you write?” What subject seems to flow naturally without much effort. As Tony and i say “Follow your joy” don’t write what you think people want to read… Write what is interesting and inspiring to you and you will remain passionate. If you write about topics you think you “have” to it will quickly become a job. And kudos to you for continuing to follow your joy by continuing to honor the spark you found in yourself on this journey that wants to write. You are putting yourself out there and at the end of the day that’s what everyone wants to read.


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